Deltaweld® 302 230/460/575 V

Deltaweld® 302 230/460/575 V

Industry standard for industrial MIG welding. Designed for manufacturing operations, with 100 percent duty cycle for extended arc-on time.


Line Voltage Compensation
Ensures consistent weld performance even when primary power varies.   Learn More
Cooling system operates only when needed. Reduces contaminants drawn into the machine and excess noise in work areas.   Learn More
Easy to Read Digital Meters
Ensure accuracy when presetting and reading actual voltage and amperage.
14-pin Receptacle
Provides a quick, direct connection to Miller wire feeders. Capable of remote voltage control.
115-VAC Power
To power tools and coolant systems.
Thermal Overload Protection
Light indicates power shutdown. Helps prevent machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or airflow is blocked.   Learn More



Flux Cored (FCAW)
Air Carbon Arc Cutting and Gouging (CAC-A)

General Specifications

Title Deltaweld® 302 230/460/575 V
Industries Interests Aerospace
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Weldable Metals Aluminum
Specialty Metals
Stainless Steel
Input Voltage 220/230/240 V
460/480 V
575 V
Input Phase 3-Phase
Input Hz 60 Hz
Input Amperage 230 V (42 A)
Current Type DC
Rated Output 300 A at 32 VDC
100% Duty Cycle
Max Open Circuit Voltage 42 VDC
Portability Lift Eye (Standard)
Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
Weld Output CV
Net Width 23 in
Net Height 30 in
Net Length 30.5 in
Net Weight 323 lbs
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty