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Three hose high capacity machine torch, 15.50 in OAL

Heavy-Duty high capacity machine cutting torch's are available in three different models in two and three hose configuration's and are capable of cutting up to 24 inches (610mm) depending on fuel gas used. Ease-on cutting lever reduces blowback in piercing and keyholing in restarts, extending tip life and providing high-quality precision cuts. Torch barrels easily adjust to four positions at 90-degree increments. Barrel diameters are 1-3/8 inches (9.5 mm) to fit most machines. Rack pitch is 32-10 teeth per inch. Stainless steel ball-type valves provide fine adjustment and positive shut-off. Works with all SC Series cutting tips.

Three-Hose 15.5 in

Two-Hose 13.75 in

Two-Hose 8 in


Two Hose Machine Cutting Torches
Industrial grade torches capable of cutting up to 12 in with acetylene, LP or natural gas.
Three Hose Machine Torch
High capacity machine torch capable of cutting 24 in with acetylene and 20 in with LP or natural gas.
Stainless Steel Ball-Style Valves
Corrosion-resistant balls and brass seating surfaces provide gall resistance and positive, chatter-free seating.
True Blue Warranty
All machine torches are covered by the Miller True Blue® warranty when used with authentic Miller-Smith tips.
Nickel-Plated Finish
Corrosion-resistant finish for extended service and reflects residual heat.



Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding & Heating

General Specifications

Title Three hose high capacity machine torch, 15.50 in OAL
Display Cutting Capacity 24 inches (610 mm)
Hose Requirements 3
Torch Length 15.5