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Gas Axe straight cutting torch, 21 in, 75 deg

Safety engineered; designed for severe applications; available in four different lengths and three different head angles. Cutting torches feature solid construction, ease of operation and are ideal for scrap and demolition cutting. Excellent for use with propane or natural gas but also works well with all fuel gases, is capable of cutting up to 24 inches (610 mm) depending on fuel gas.


Cutting Tip

Graf-Tite® soft seats Resilient Graf-Tite® seat material protects tip seating areas from nicking to maintain positive seating. Requires less replacement than metal-to-metal seat designs. Compressible soft seats are practically indestructible and withstand extremely high temperatures, resulting in longer tip life.

In-tip mix Each tip is a precision engineered mixer for combining preheat oxygen and fuel gas to attain maximum efficiency. Adds resistance to flashback.

Slip-in tip design — just hand tighten After the first tightening with a wrench, only hand tightening is required to seat the tip, saving time when changing tips. Quick and easy tip changes encourage use of right tip for the job.

Removable high-pressure seat Allows cleaning from back of tip.



Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding & Heating

General Specifications

Title Gas Axe straight cutting torch, 21 in, 75 deg
Display Cutting Capacity 24 in (610 mm)
Head Angle 75
Torch Length 21
Warranty One-Year
Warranty One-Year