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Airline™ Standard Duty Cutting Attachment, 90 degree

Cutting attachments are 100-percent tested to maintain our reputation for quality and dependable performance. Solidly constructed to last a lifetime — silver-brazed joints, stainless steel tubes, brass forged butt and head. They are available in three capacities to match any job requirement: heavy-duty, medium duty and standard-duty and work with all fuel gases and easily cut a wide range of thickness up to 8-inch (203 mm) depending on model.


Slip-in Cutting Tips
Save time when changing tips — no wrench needed. Resilient Graf-Tite® seat material protects tip from nicking and maintains positive seating. Requires less replacement than metal-to-metal seat designs.
Three-Tube Construction
Gases are kept separated, eliminating mixing tube burnout. Our thick-wall, high-capacity stainless steel tubes provide high gas flow and superior strength.
Ease-On Oxygen Cutting Valve
Allows smooth piercing and key-hole free starts and restarts.
Triple O-Ring Seal
Provides positive gas seal, and allows rotation during operation eliminating hose resistance during cutting.
True Blue Lifetime Warranty
Cutting attachments are covered by the Miller  True Blue® lifetime warranty when used with authentic Miller-Smith  tips Note: CC509P Toughcut attachment has a 3-year limited warranty and is not covered by our lifetime warranty.
Use With Any Fuel Gas
Cutting Attachments can be used with any fuel based gas by simply changing the cutting tip; there is no need to change mixers like many other products in the market today.  Can be used with Acetylene, Propane /  Propane-based mixtures, Propylene and Natural Gas (Methane).
Nickel-Plated Surface
Corrosion-resistant finish, reflects residual heat and extends service life.
Head Angle
Lifetime warranty cutting attachments are available in 75° and 90° head angles in both the medium and heavy duty models.



Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding & Heating

General Specifications

Title Airline™ Standard Duty Cutting Attachment, 90 degree
Display Cutting Capacity 3 in (76mm)
Head Angle 90
Torch Length 8.5
Torch Size SD


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