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Two stage acetylene regulator, 0-15 PSIG

Series 35™ two-stage regulators drop cylinder pressure to working pressure in two stages for consistent and accurate outlet pressure and flow regardless of inlet pressure. Available in a wide verity of gases and pressure ranges. Recommended where outlet pressure and flow must be maintained without variation.

Acetylene 15 PSI

Multi-Scale 50 PSI

Oxygen 125 PSI


Flow Curve Charts
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Sure-Seat™ filtered high-pressure seat assembly
Series 30™ two-stage regulators are extremely durable and contain our exclusive Sure Seat™ filtered seat technology. Filtered seats prevent contamination from entering the seating area, reducing repair costs and downtime.
Neoprene Composite Diaphragm
Highly durable neoprene composite diaphragm offers precise adjustment of outlet pressure and extended service life.
Color-Coded Labels
Identifies supply performance capabilities, easy gas service identification and technical information.
Nickel-Plated Bonnet
The nickel-plated bonnet, along with brass body, protects against corrosion.
Shatter-Resistant Gauge Lenses
2.0 inch corrosion-resistant polished brass gauges with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses.
True Blue Warranty
All 35 Series™ regulators are covered by the Miller True Blue® 3 YR. warranty.
External Relief Valve
Protects regulator from damage do to inadvertent high-pressure surge.  Relief valve will release excessive pressure and automatically reset.
Optional Third Stage Regulator
This preset regulator is specially designed to deliver a highly accurate and consistent low-pressure supply of nitrogen to oil-filled power transformers. Available with or without electronic pressure switch. The regulator will deliver and maintain 0.50 PSIG in the head space of oil-filled transformers. A built-in self-relieving valve set at 8 PSIG protects the system from over-pressurization due to temperature variation. Both models come with rapid fill bypass pressure valve allowing rapid filling of the transformer with 6 PSIG of pressure.



Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding & Heating

General Specifications

Title Two stage acetylene regulator, 0-15 PSIG
Delivery Pressure 15 PSIG (1 bar)
Max Inlet Connection CGA 510
Max Inlet Pressure 400 PSIG (28 bar)
Gas Acetylene
Outlet Connection 9/16 in - 18 LH
Pressure Switch
Regulator Hard Hats
Vent 116 in FNPT
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's Gas Equipment and Gas Control Warranty

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