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Liquid cyl. regulator 0-100 PSIG delivery pressure

250 series high purity single stage regulators are designed for use on liquid cylinders. The regulator has rear entry which allows for easy connection to the liquid cylinder. This regulator controls the delivery of gases not liquids. See specifications for specific delivery pressures and inlet/outlet connections.


Flow Curve Charts
Download detailed flow curves for this product.  Learn More
Smith® Sure-Seat™ Filtered Seat Technology
Smith's exclusive Sure-Seat™ filtered seat prevents contamination from entering the seating area reducing repair costs and down-time.
Rear Inlet Connection
This regulator offers a back mount inlet connection which allows for easy connection to the liquid cylinder.  Regulator is available with 4 types of CGA inlet connections.
Nickel Plated Finish
Nickel plated body, bonnet and gauges protects the regulator from corrosion and extends service life.
Self Reseting Safety Relief Valve
Protects regulator from damage do to inadvertent high-pressure surge.  Relief valve will release excessive pressure and automatically reset.  The safety body is threaded to allow for adding a tube fitting to capture the gas and vent it away from the work area.
2-1/2 in Gauges
Large 2-1/2 in single scale gauges make for easy gauge reading at greater distances from the regulator than conventional 2 in gauges.
Stainless Steel Diaphragm
Large 1-7/8” stainless steel diaphragm for precise control of pressure and  it will provide for extended service life in cryogenic applications.
True Blue Warranty
All 250 Series regulators are covered by the Miller True Blue®  2 YR. warranty



Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding & Heating

General Specifications

Title Liquid cyl. regulator 0-100 PSIG delivery pressure
Display Delivery Pressure 100 PSIG
Inlet Connection CGA320
Outlet Connection None
Pressure Switch
Regulator Hard Hats
Relief Valve Setting 150 PSIG
Vent 116 in FNPT
Warranty Oxy-Fuel/Pressure Regulation Equipment Warranty