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Economy Flowmeter Regulators

These economy flowmeter regulators are an exceptional value in a compact design and have many features found on more expensive flowmeter regulators. Provides precise shielding gas regulation for MIG and TIG welding applications and more. Shatter-resistant polycarbonate flow tube is repositionable for easy reading and features triple-scale for argon, helium and argon/CO2. It has a packless O-ring flow tube seal which reduces maintenance and a built-in rupture disc reduces possibility of flow tube damage due to high-pressure inlet surge. Precision flow-adjustment valve allows easy adjustment to desired setting.

CO2 50 PSI

Helium Hose 50 PSI

Agon-Argon Mix British Inlet

$92.00 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


Shatter-resistant triple-scale flow tube
Tubes are made of shatter-resistant polycarbonate resin and can be rotated to position desired scale for easy reading. Scaled for CO2, argon and argon/CO2 mix, and helium.
Built-in Rupture Disc
Reduces possibility of flow tube damage due to inadvertent high-pressure surge. Must be replaced if ruptured- not auto-resetting.
Precision flow-adjustment valve
Allows easy adjustment to desired setting
True Blue Warranty
Flowmeter regulators are covered by the Miller True Blue® 3 YR. warranty
Optional Dual Flowmeter Regulator
Dual flowmeter regulator has a back-pressure compensated flow tube with shatter-resistant polycarbonate cover. It is repositionable for easy reading and features triple scale for argon, helium and argon/CO2. Features include sensitive needle valve for fine adjustment and a 2-inch (51 mm) gauge.



Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding & Heating

General Specifications

Title Economy Flowmeter Regulators
Inlet Connection CGA 580
Flow Range 0-60 SCFH (0-28 LPM), 0-50 SCFH (0-24 LPM), 0-160 SCFH (0-78 LPM)
Gas Argon
Pressure Switch
Regulator Hard Hats
Vent 116 in FNPT
Warranty 3 Years
Oxy-Fuel/Pressure Regulation Equipment Warranty

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