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Heavy-Duty SC229 Hand Cutting Torch Kit

Hand cutting torch outfits are built for the toughest jobs. They feature a SC229 nickel-plated cutting torch with a reversible cutting lever and an ease-on oxygen design for smooth starts and restarts. The torch is backed by the Miller True Blue™ warranty. These outfits come with heavy-duty Series 40™ regulators which feature 2.5-inch polished brass gauges for corrosion resistance, shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses, and stainless steel diaphragms for extended service life in the toughest applications. The regulators are protected from damage by HB190 Hard Hat™ gauge/regulator guards are made from rugged steel. Capable of cutting up to 12” thick with optional tips.


What's Included

  • HD Straight Cutting Torch (SC229)
  • Oxygen Regulator (40-175-540S)
  • Acetylene Regulator (40-15-300S)
  • Hard Hat Gauge Guards (H190)
  • Cutting Tip (SC12-2)
  • Operations Manual
Cutting Tip

Graf-Tite® soft seats Resilient Graf-Tite® seat material protects tip seating areas from nicking to maintain positive seating. Requires less replacement than metal-to-metal seat designs. Compressible soft seats are practically indestructible and withstand extremely high temperatures, resulting in longer tip life.

In-tip mix Each tip is a precision engineered mixer for combining preheat oxygen and fuel gas to attain maximum efficiency. Adds resistance to flashback.

Slip-in tip design — just hand tighten After the first tightening with a wrench, only hand tightening is required to seat the tip, saving time when changing tips. Quick and easy tip changes encourage use of right tip for the job.

Removable high-pressure seat Allows cleaning from back of tip.



Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding & Heating

General Specifications

Title Heavy-Duty SC229 Hand Cutting Torch Kit
Industries Interests Aerospace
Farm and Ranch
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Boat / Yacht
High Purity Processing
Heat Tip
Regulator Hard Hats
Weld Tip
Fuel Gas Acetylene
Warranty Oxy-Fuel/Pressure Regulation Equipment Warranty