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Tag-A-Long™ Acetylene Outfit w/o Tanks

Portable, lightweight Tag-A-Long cutting and welding outfits are ready to go where you need them. Compact design stores easily for road travel or when not in use. Series 30™ regulators provide efficient and dependable control of gases. The high-density polyethylene carrier is extremely durable and includes (cylinders not included) a hose wrap and covered storage compartment for accessories. Outfit also includes reverse flow check valves for added safety plus safety and operations manual.
$552.72 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


What's Included

  • Torch handle (WH100)
  • Cutting Attachment (CC509P)
  • Oxygen Regulator (30-100-540)
  • Acetylene Regulator (30-15-200)
  • Cutting Tip (MC12-0)
  • Welding tip (MW203)
  • Torch and Cylinder Carrier (13493)
  • 12.5-ft 3/16" Twin Hose (RL921)
  • Friction Lighter (16571)
  • Safety Glasses (78000)
  • Regulator Mount Check Valves (H698)
  • Operations Manual

Not Included

  • P100 Filters
  • Tanks


General Specifications

Title Tag-A-Long™ Acetylene Outfit w/o Tanks
Industries Interests Aerospace
Racing / Customizing / Restoring
DIY / Home Hobbyist
Farm and Ranch
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Metal Art / Sculptures
Boat / Yacht
High Purity Processing
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's Gas Equipment and Gas Control Warranty