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Medium Duty Combination Torch Outfit with Acetylene/Propane Tips, CGA 510

Complete oxy-fuel system that can handle high gas flow for faster cutting, heating, brazing and welding. The MC500 cutting attachment can cut up to 6-inch thick steel with appropriate tip.

Acetylene/Propane CGA 510

Acetylene CGA 300

Propane CGA 510


What's Included

  • Torch handle (WH100)
  • Cutting attachment (MC509)
  • Oxygen Regulator(30-100-540)
  • Acetylene Regulator (30-15-510)
  • 2 Cutting Tips (MC12-0 & MC12-1)
  • Welding tip (MW205)
  • Heating Tip (MT603)
  • 20-ft 3/16" Twin Hose (RL935)
  • Friction Lighter (16571)
  • Safety Glasses (78000)
  • Tip cleaner (16570)
  • Torch Mount Flashback Arrestors (H743)
Double-Tube Design
The Tube-within-a-tube design of the torch handle provides strength while reducing weight. It is Silver brazed for extra protection against leaks and allows high gas flow for a wider range of large tips for cutting, heating, welding and brazing.
Internal Threads
Threads are protected from damage if the torch is dropped, eliminating costly torch repair, replacement or downtime.
Adjustable Valve Resistance
Special PTFE packing on the torch handle provides a gas-tight seal while allowing the “drag” to be adjusted to the operator preference.
Stainless Steel Ball-Style Valves
Corrosion-resistant balls and brass seating surfaces on the torch handle provide gall resistance and positive, chatter-free seating. Riveted knobs are also featured for secure joints on the valve stem.
Built-in Flo-TrolTM Valve
Eliminates seat burn out by stopping the reverse flow of fuel gas when system is low on oxygen
Slip-in Cutting Tips
Save time when changing tips - no wrench needed. All tips are hand tighten to reduce thread wear and operator fatigue.
Triple O-Ring Seal
The triple o-ring seal provides positive gas seating and allows 360° head rotation eliminating hose resistance during operation.
Universal Pre-Heat Valve
Streamline design for easy access to the pre-heat valve by right or left-handed operator
Ease-on Cutting Oxygen Valve
Allows for smooth application of cutting oxygen reducing keyholing and slag blowback when piercing.
Dual Filters Including Sure Seat™
The regulator dual filter design protects the high-pressure seat from debris for reliable operation and long service life.
Auto-resetting Relief Valve
The regulators are built with external relief valve that releases damaging excessive pressure. It automatically reset after discharging high pressure surge.
Nickel-Plated Bonnet
The forged brass bonnet body is nickel-plated to protects against corrosion.
Durable Diaphragm
Series 30 Medium Duty regulators have a diaphragm made of highly durable neoprene composite.
Shatter-Resistant Gauge Lenses
Series 30 Medium Duty Regulators feature easy to read 2" painted steel gauges with shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses.
In-Tip Mix
Each cutting tip is precision engineered mixer for combining preheat oxygen and fuel gas for maximum efficiency. The small volume of mixed gas at the tip adds resistance to flashback, far downstream and away from the operator for safety.
Graf-TiteTM Soft Seat
This high pressure seat material protects tip from nicking to maintain positive seating for longer tip use. The compressible soft seat can withstand extremely high temperatures resulting in less tip replace metal-to-metal seat design.
Heavy-Wall Copper Welding Tip Design
Heavy-wall copper gives greater resistance to reflected heat, permits cooler operation, and dissipates more heat. Heat-absorbing tips provide longer life, and the long straight-away design permits tip refacing after excessive wear or abuse.
Slip-In Design
Tips are slip-in and hand-tightened saving time and minimizing operator fatigue when changing tips. Quick and easy tip changes encouage use of the right tip to efficiiently complete the job.
Three-tube Design
Features a three-tube construction which keeps gases separated, eliminating mixing tube burnout and keeping the operator safe. The thick-wall, high-capacity stainless steel tubes provide high gas flow and superior strength. Nickel-plated to deflect heat.
Medium Duty Cutting Attachment
Cuts up to 6-inch thick steel
MC12 Series Medium Duty Cutting Tips
Slip-in cutting tips for general medium-duty hand cutting. Use with medium pressure acetylene and oxygen. MC12 can cut from 1/4 in.(6mm) to 5/8 in.(16mm) thick metal.
MC40 Series (Two Piece) Medium Duty Cutting Tips
Two-Piece medium preheat cutting tips for hand cutting with propane and propane-based fuel gases. MC40-1 can cut from ½ in.(13mm) to 5/8 in.(16mm) metal thickness.



Oxy-Fuel Cutting, Welding & Heating

General Specifications

Title Medium Duty Combination Torch Outfit with Acetylene/Propane Tips, CGA 510
Industries Interests Aerospace
Racing / Customizing / Restoring
DIY / Home Hobbyist
Farm and Ranch
Heavy Equipment Manufacturing
Metal Art / Sculptures
Boat / Yacht
High Purity Processing
Warranty 1 Years
Miller's Gas Equipment and Gas Control Warranty