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Embedded Arc Control From The ONLY Robot Controlled Welding Machine


Active TAWERS -Innovative super low spatter process
Active Wire Process (AWP) is an advanced process combining waveform control and wire feed control technology creating a super low spatter process and an ultra thin material welding process.
Welding wire feeds forward and backwards continuously.  Spatter generation and heat input is reduced by assuring and precise short circuit cycle.
Servo controlled wire feeder provides accurate wire control for spatter fee ignition.
All New Teach Pendant With Easier Operation
Easy to use windows based pendant weighs less than 1 kg creating less stress during programming.
The liquid crystal LED with back lighting improves impact resistance.
USB and SD memory options.
Increased number of Function keys enables more action with fewer key strokes.
Embedded Arc Control -Fastest digital communication in the industry
Bus Communication where the robot control and the welder/wire feeder control cards are both resident on the back plane of the motherboard.
Information is communicated 140-256 times faster than the conventional digital systems.
16 channels of direct communication completely eliminate "protocols" required by digital communication.  This translates to faster processing and more productivity.
Servo controlled wire feeder provides accurate wire control for spatter fee ignition.
Hyper-Dip-Pulse Control.  HD-Pulse helps users attain faster welding travel speed while minimizing undercut. 
The "Dip-Short" transfer gives a lower heat input with excellent gap handling capability. 
Precision controlled arc timing reduces spatter typically found in high speed welding.
Metal Transfer Stabilization Control
50% spatter reduction using inexpensive CO2 gas!
Additional welding control technology add on top of the super imposed current of the SP-MAG process.
Low spatter, mixed gas process for thin material.
The advanced short-arc waveform control greatly reduces spatter by controlling the amount of short circuit current available during arc shorting period.
Super-imposing (SP) current after the short release assures smooth transition and makes a more "crisp" arc.
"Welding Navigation" -Easy Weld Parameter Setting
Weld Navigation saves weld development time!
Two Easy Steps:
  1. Select the weld Joint from an image library
  2. Select the material thickness.  That's all!

When weld speed increases, "Welding Navigation" will automatically recalculate parameters for better productivity!


General Specifications

Rated Output 30 -350 Amps WG3, 30 -500 Amps WGH3
Input Phase 3-Phase
Input Hz 50/60 hz
Wire Diameter 0.035 in 0.045 in
0.035 in 0.052 in
0.9 mm 1.2 mm
0.9 mm 1.4 mm