PerformArc 1100FW

PerformArc 1100FW


24/7/365 Support Line!
Support Hotline provides customer service and parts support.
Extremely High Productivity
High speed "ferris wheel" positioner with three independent servo motors provides industry leading indexing times, which maximizes welding production time.

118" span between the head and tail stock with 1100 lb. capacity on each side.

Available dual robot configuration allows a second robot to be added, theoretically doubling throughput with no additional floor space required.

GMAW and GTAW applications.
Full Range of Welding Processes
100% CO2
Active Wire Process -low energy short circuit and zero spatter.
GTAW -with and without filler Aluminum -low pulse, dual pulse, synchronized weaving
Servo Push-Pull Torch
Arc Data Monitoring
Offline Programming -DTPS
Load Station Flexibility
Optional load station jogging provides complete load position flexibility, allowing multi-stage loading or tack and finish welding to occur in a common welding fixture.

Servo Positioners allow the parts to be rotated into the desired welding position, maximizing torch access and welding quality.
Long Term Support and Reliability
Setting the standard in the welding industry for quality, reliability and productivity since 1996. The PerformArc is backed by Miller today and tomorrow.
Safety and Performance
Designed in accordance with ANSI/RIA R15.06-2012, UL1740, NFPA 79 and CSA Z434.

L-shaped light curtains, interlocked safety gates, dual channel safety circuit, two stationary arc flash barriers, main axis sweep monitor, and auxiliary axis servo disconnect at operator station during load/unload are standard.

Solid sheet metal wall panels.
Quick Assembly
A fully welded frame, pre-wired and pre-assembled ships in three sections for quick assembly.




General Specifications

Title PerformArc 1100FW
Industries Interests Automotive Manufacturing
Input Voltage 460/480 V
Input Phase 3-Phase
Input Hz 60 Hz
Cell Type Vertical H-Frame
Servo Main Index
Servo Outboards (2)
Max Spool Size Capacity 126 in
Table Type Ferris Wheel
Open bed
Net Width 180 in
Net Height 90 in
Net Length 221 in
Net Weight 12600 lbs
Table Rotation Diameter 131 in
Multi Robot Capable Yes (2,3)
Table Payload 1100 lb
Headstock Tailstock Span 118 in
Payload 1100 lbs at each weld station (2)
Main Axis Rotation Height 51.2 in
Main Axis Rotation Diameter 95 in
Secondary Axis Rotation Diameter 43.3 in



Shop floor featuring two Miller pre-engineered robotic welding cells and parts bins
Welding robot welding on fixtured part
Advanced automated welding equipment