Laser Hot Wire System

Laser Hot Wire System

For who want to improve their welding quality and production efficiency, Miller will provide the laser application solutions assisted with advanced hot-wire power supply. We sell the customized solutions for your need, not just the products.


Constant-enthalpy closed loop control algorithm
  • Heat the extension wire to regulate its end at constant enthalpy and/or temperature.
  • Maximize the use of electrical preheating without generating an arc.
  • Large tolerance to the variation of wire extension length.
All-new power source design
  • Smart and powerful digital design has the fast response needed to deliver the most stable welding performance for better welding results.
  • Developed as a platform to meet current and future needs with integrated expansion capabilities.
More power, better reliability
  • Produces more power at higher duty cycles and temperature ratings than competitive models.
  • More power maximizes reliability tin demanding automation applications by keeping all internal components operating cooler regardless of the jobs to be done.
  • More power ensures better welding results regardless of application or weld process.
All-new wire drive motor assembly
  • New low-inertia motor provides faster response for the best arc starts with the lease amount of spatter
  • Reduced-weight design allows for quicker point-to-point arm movement and provides improved servo motor life.
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  • Fleet standardization. Auto-Continuum can be used for both automation and hand-held applications.
  • Adaptable to variety of fixed and flexible automation configurations and requirements.
  • Welding Intelligence™. Improve your welding operations by increasing productivity, improving quality and managing costs with Insight Core (standard) and Insight Centerpoint (optional) welding information management systems.
  • Easily add new processes and custom programs via the USB interface.
  • Parameter flexibility allows the system to be set for voltage and wire feed speed control, or for voltage and amperage control.
Auto-Line power management technology allows for any input voltage hook-up (230-575 V) with no manual linking, providing convenience in any job setting. Eliminates weld defects caused by dirty or unreliable power.



Laser Hotwire Additive (LHA)
Laser Hotwire Brazing (LHB)
Laser Hotwire Classing (LCW)
Laser Hotwire Wedling (LHW)

General Specifications

Title Laser Hot Wire System