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Cyclomatic® Tactile Seam Tracking

Jetline® arc length controls, cold/hot wire feeders, oscillators and seam trackers are designed to integrate perfectly into Jetline longitudinal seam welders and circumferential welders.


Heavy Duty Motorized Slides
provide 330 lb (150kg) capacity @ 15.7 in (400mm)
User-friendly pendant
with large screen and graphic backlit display for complete operation, setup, and configuration
Protective Bellows
protect linear guide rails and hardened ball screw & nut to ensure smooth operation.
Travel limit switches and electronic overload protection
protect slides from damage during operation
Programmable slide positions
Simplifies operation by allowing you to program a home and weld position. Encoder feedback ensures accurate, repeatable performance.
Low and high speed travel
allows for both quick and accurate moment of the slides into your desired position.
Ø .315 8.00 Thru Holes
on slide face make it easy to adapt your welding head to the slide face.



Submerged Arc (SAW)
Plasma Arc Welding (PAW)

General Specifications

Title Jetline® Motorized Slides