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HM3 350 and 500

Full Digital Pulse Arc Welding Power Supply


3 interactive adaptive pulse control methods to accomodate various applications, operator preferences and changes in stick-out.
  1. Soft
  2. Hard
  3. Hybrid
A 2-step high current arc start routine utilizes patented impulse starting technology to ensure positive arc initiation.
Two arc start modes, CV or Pulse provides consistent arc starts while minimizing spatter.
Automatic wave form correction , wire feed speed and and other adjustments are standard.
The adaptive arc lets you weld over tacks or maintain a consistent arc even with variations in the tip to work distance. 
Clean welds with higher travel speeds, higher deposition and reduced heat input.
Welding Performance Technology
Third generation HM technology delivers superior welding performance accross a variety of materials and metal thicknesses.
  • Virtually instantaneous arc starting and precise arc control.
  • Direct digital connection to the G3 series arc welding robots.


General Specifications

Title HM3 350 and 500
Rated Output 30-350 Amps at 36V, 60% Duty Cycle
Input Phase 3-Phase
Input Hz 60 hz
Amperage Range 30 A - 350 A
Wire Diameter HM3-350 30 IN 0.03 IN
HM3-350 0.04 in 0.04 in
HM3-500 0.035 in 0.035 in
HM3-500 0.045 in 0.045 in
Net Weight 169 lb