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BP4 TIG Welder

Full Digital AC/DC Robotic TIG Welding Machine with Servo Wire Feeder


30 to 400 HZ AC Output Control Technology
  • New waveform frequency control for aluminum welding improves performance in difficult fillet joints. 
  • Tight arc helps prevent burnthrough and makes tacking easier.
  • Variable frequency allows operators to adapt to multiple applications.
Expert Mode
Full control of AC/DC drooping characteristics.
Full control of AC/DC current characteristics.
Improved Arc Starting
Arc starts in both AC and DC are three times faster than conventional machines.
Weld Navigation
Unique Miller Welding Automation feature allows end users to simply select joint type and material thickness.  The robot will calculate and pre-populate all the welding parameters.
  1. Start Weld Navigation
  2. Select welding conditon on Teach Pendant
  3. Optimum condition is set automatically


General Specifications

Title BP4 TIG Welder
Rated Output 300 Amps 40% Duty Cycle
Input Phase 3-Phase
Input Hz 50/60 hz
Amperage Range 4 A - 300 A
Wire Diameter 0.03 in 0.03 in
0.035 in 0.035 in
0.04 in 0.04 in
0.045 in 0.045 in
Max Spool Size Capacity 12 in
Net Width 21 in
Net Height 21 in
Net Length 14.75 in
Net Weight 112 lb