OptiDrive™ Systems

OptiDrive™ Systems


Easy to add capabilities for multiple materials
Adaptive Arc
OptiDrive provides a variety of welding-process solutions for multiple materials. Retract Touch Start along with profile-pulse modification, Versa-Pulse, Accu-Pulse and RMD capabilities provide the tools needed for your challenges:
  • Superior starts and stops
  • Smooth bead spread Filling craters
  • Reduced etching zone
  • Optimized bead appearance
Optimized Wire Feed Control
Controlling the DINSE pull torch with an Auto-Continuum enables optimized retract starts. The benefits include:
  • Controlled low-spatter arc starts resulting in maximum consumable life, minimum downtime, and fewer weld defects.
  • Combined arc and feed precision allows for low spatter, particularly micro spatter, in the toes on aluminum, and provides more consistent bead shape.
  • Flexibility to weld steel, aluminum and stainless with one flexible capital investment that allows for different materials, filler metals, and weld processes with a minimum of changeover time — now and in the future.
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Single Point of Contact
Miller Welding Automation is your single point of contact for configuring and ordering your OptiDrive system.



Aluminum Welding
Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)

General Specifications

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