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Centerfire™ HD Series 2-Piece Nozzle Body (10 per pkg)

For use with Bernard MIG Guns
$238.00 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


Reduced Costs
Save money on nozzle replacement by replacing only the front part of the nozzle.
Easier to Clean
Two piece nozzle makes cleaning easy - remove cone for greater access to nozzle body for spatter removal
No Tools Required
No tools required to replace nozzle or contact tip with unique Centerfire design.
Smooth Gas Flow
Spatter shield within nozzle holds tip in place, protects diffuser and directs gas evenly with reduced turbulence.
Extended Service Life
Rugged nozzles include a ceramic insulator for extended life, withstand heat and abuse.


General Specifications

Title Centerfire™ HD Series 2-Piece Nozzle Body (10 per pkg)
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty