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TOUGH LOCK™ Standard Duty Retaining Head (2 per pkg)

For use with Tregaskiss MIG Guns or Bernard BTB, TGX, T-Gun and Clean Air MIG Guns
$31.56 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


Stay Tight for Better Conductivity and Performance
TOUGH LOCK™ Retaining Heads with Dual Taper Technology are manufactured with a tapered design at both ends that keep your consumables locked from contact tip to neck for improved weld consistency and to maximize heat dissipation, keeping front end consumables running even cooler.
Better Heat Dissipation
Tapers in retaining head create greater surface area contact with contact tip and neck to ensure better heat dissipation and guarantee positive electrical conductivity


General Specifications

Title TOUGH LOCK™ Standard Duty Retaining Head (2 per pkg)
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty