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Navigating OSHA's Hierarchy of Controls to Minimize Weld Fume

Protecting employees against weld fumes is as much a matter of creating a safe and clean work environment as it is giving companies a competitive advantage to attract and retain skilled welding operators. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration outlines steps for weld fume management in its Hierarchy of Controls to help companies improve workplace safety and compliance.

The Right Filter Makes a Difference in Weld Fume Management

Choosing the appropriate filter media for a fume extraction system can help increase productivity and profitability by lowering downtime, improving airflow and reducing filter replacement costs. More importantly, the right filter helps provide the best level of protection for welding operators and keep fume exposure to a minimum.

Ways to Increase Arc-On Time and Throughput in the Welding Operation

Advanced welding information management systems can help companies increase the time spent welding, but just as importantly, they can also give companies the ability to analyze and reduce downtime, and evaluate non-welding activities. Combined, this functionality can lead to greater efficiencies in the welding operation and the production of more parts in less time.