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Advantages of Cored Wire in Submerged Arc Welding Applications

Understanding the important roles of the flux and wires can help companies realize the full potential of the submerged arc welding (SAW) process. The numerous advantages SAW offers for productivity and weld quality — especially when paired with cored wire specifically formulated for the process — make the investment one to consider for many heavy industrial applications.

Weld Fume Management: Customize, Collaborate, Comply

Understanding the type and concentration of weld fume in a facility is the first step in either maintaining or achieving compliance. Industrial hygienists work with companies to conduct exposure assessments through site evaluations and air sampling, which can be a company’s baseline for change. In most cases, improving air quality isn’t limited to one solution, nor is it a one-time event — it is an ongoing process that requires continued attention.

Top Factors and Considerations for MIG (GMAW) Gun Selection

All MIG guns are not created equal, and heavy-use applications require a careful review of rated output, size, components, and application requirements