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Full Remote Control at the Weld Joint Can Improve Productivity, Safety

Advancements in remote control technology provide full control of weld settings at the joint, reducing downtime to walk to the power source and ensuring operators don't have to settle for less-than-optimal parameters. The result is a safer, more productive job site and better weld quality.

Protecting the Head: Welding Personal Protective Equipment and Considerations for Health, Safety and Comfort

The head: the body's command center and the gateway to respiratory health. No other part of the human body affects how we go about doing our job — or how we feel about it — more than the head. For that reason, equipment manufacturers have gone to extra lengths to design products that not only keep welders safe, but also enhance comfort and make it easier to do their jobs. In this article we'll look at personal protective equipment (PPE), specifically head protection, that is making welding safer and more comfortable every day.

Welding Helmet Technologies Offer Benefits for Productivity and Operator Safety