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Aluminum Systems

Aluminum Systems 

The structural and aesthetic benefits of aluminum continue to make it one of the most specified materials in the industry today. The challenges — whether in transportation, shipbuilding, fabrication, manufacturing or home/hobby — are similar: distortion, cleanliness, quality and speed. Arming yourself with the right equipment and consumables will make the job easier.

Your total welding solutions provider

Miller is committed to providing a total aluminum welding solution for your business. You can count on our easy-to-use equipment to improve quality and increase your productivity, profitability and peace of mind.


Millermatic 350P Aluminum Set Up and Operation

An in-depth look at the settings and capabilities of the Millermatic 350P Aluminum from Miller Electric Mfg. Co., a new all-in-one MIG welding system designed specifically for welding aluminum.

Miller MIG Welders: Welding Aluminum and Spoolgun Hookup

How to Set Up a Miller Multimatic 200 - MIG Welding Aluminum

This step-by-step guide illustrates easy set up of the Multimatic 200 for MIG welding aluminum using a spool gun. This includes how to load and adjust the spool gun.

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TIG Welding Aluminum for Beginners: Steps 3 & 4

Andy Weyenberg, Miller motorsports manager, presented four steps for beginning aluminum TIG welders at SEMA 2009. The final two steps detail forming the puddle and adding filler metal.

TIG Welding Aluminum for Beginners: Steps 1 & 2

Andy Weyenberg, Miller's motorsports marketing manager, presents four basic steps for beginning welders looking to TIG weld aluminum. This article, and the accompanying videos, covers the first two steps.

MIG Aluminum DIY: Selecting the Right Welder, Spool Gun and Filler Wire for Success at Home

One of the hottest trends in welding at home or on the farm is adding MIG aluminum capabilities to a Millermatic® all-in-one MIG welder by complementing it with a Spoolmate™ 100 or Spoolmatic® spool gun.