XR-AlumaFeed™Suitcase™ Wire Feeder

XR-AlumaFeed™Suitcase™ Wire Feeder

Dedicated aluminum wire feeder for the AlumaPower™ MPa power source providing the most advanced MIG and synergic Pulsed MIG performance.


What's Included

  • XR-AlumaFeed® SuitCase® wire feeder Learn More
  • Male and Female Tweco-style connectors Learn More
  • .035- and 3/64-inch (0.9 and 1.2 mm) drive rolls for wire feeder, 3/64-inch installed Learn More
Impact-resistant, flame-retardant case
provides strength and durability, while protecting components and welding wire from moisture, dust and other contaminants.
Profile Pulse.™
Achieve “stacked dime” weld bead appearance without back-stepping.
Advanced trigger
trigger interlock” capability and the ability to control the amount of time spent in the arc start and arc crater steps.
Bright digital displays
are easy to read, and display voltage or arc length and wire feed speed or amperage. They also have indicators for start and crater, setup, schedule select and advanced trigger operations. Two-knob, three-button panel layout makes it simple to change parameters and reduces training time.
Trigger schedule select (SCHD)
allows the operator to select the alternative schedule by quickly tapping the gun trigger when not welding. Useful when switching between two welding parameters is needed.
Setup guide
on inner panel of feeder has quick tips to get your system up and running quickly. Also provides a good reference that won’t get misplaced like an owner’s manual.
Parameter and system locks
provide three levels of protection to prevent accidental modification of welding parameters or manipulation of setup menu items.
Synergic pulsed welding
mode offers the simplicity of single-knob control. The machine will select the correct pulse power based on the wire feed speed (WFS) set by the operator.
Synchronized, true push-pull system
Slave/torque motor ensures smooth, consistent feeding and improved arc performance, while reducing the problems normally associated with feeding aluminum.



Aluminum Welding
Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)

General Specifications

Title XR-AlumaFeed™Suitcase™ Wire Feeder
Spool Size 12 in (305 mm)
Wire Feed Speed 900 IPM - 50 IPM
Wire Diameter Aluminum 0.062 in 0.035 in
Portability Handle(s)
Running Gear / Cart (Optional)
Net Width 9 in
Net Height 15.5 in
Net Length 21 in
Net Weight 31 lbs
Warranty 3 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty