70 Series Swingarc™ Wire Feeder - MillerWelds

S-74 MPa Plus Control Box (Single)

Swingarc boom-mounted wire feeders bring an extra dimension of flexibility and efficiency to weld stations dealing with large weldments, or wherever operator mobility is required.


Multiple Configurations
Single- and dual-wire models with 8-, 12- or 16-foot booms are sized to accommodate a variety of weld cell layouts (16-, 24- or 32-foot diameter work area).
Maximize Work Area
Counterbalance design makes it easy to position boom and 360-degree rotation and 60-degree lift angle maximizes work area.
Cable Management
In-boom cable routing organizes hoses and cables for a cleaner work environment.



Flux Cored (FCAW)

General Specifications

Title S-74 MPa Plus Control Box (Single)
Input Circuit Welding Rating 750A at 100% duty cycle
Power Source Compatibility CV
Wire Feeder Type Bench
Wire Diameter Solid Wire 0.023 in 0.094 in
Flux Cored 0.023 in 0.094 in
Aluminum 0.03 in 0.0625 in
Net Width 10 in
Net Height 9 in
Net Length 13 in
Net Weight 10 lbs
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty