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Medium duty torch handle

Easy handling, high-quality mid-size torch handle. Handles all but the highest volume heating and heaviest welding needs. Features rugged silver-brazed construction, forged brass butt and precision machined brass head. WH100 torch handle is covered by our warranty when used with authentic Miller | Smith tips. Works with all MC Series cutting tips, MT Series heating tips and MW Series welding tips.
$191.44 Manufacturer Suggested Price (USD)


Riveted Knobs
Will not come loose from the valve stem.
Nickel-Plated Finish
Deflects heat and resists corrosion.
Silver-Brazed Connections
For extra protection, strength and leak resistance.
Stainless Steel Ball-Style Valves
Allows for smooth adjustment and positive seating to eliminate leaks.
Double-Tube Handle
Tube-within-a-tube design provides strength while reducing weight.
Internal Threads
Threads are protected from damage if torch is dropped.
Adjustable Valve Resistance
PTFE packing provides a gas-tight seal while allowing the "drag" to be adjusted to the individual preference.


General Specifications

Title medium-duty-torch-handle-wh100
Warranty 5 Years
Miller's Gas Equipment and Gas Control Warranty