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XR™-Pistol-Pro 15 ft. Air

Exceptional aluminum welding results for heavy-industrial applications.
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Most Durable Design
Durable motor and drive design improves feedability and arc consistency while helping reduce downtime and maintenance costs. All internal components are designed to provide long lasting performance and feeding precision.
Best Feeding Performance
Dual wire tension settings for 4000- or 5000 series aluminum to ensure the very best wire feeding performance and arc consistency.
Replaceable Feed Cable Liner
Designed to provide consistent arc performance. It also reduces parts cost and service time by allowing a simple means of removing and replacing liner and not the complete feed cable.
Trigger Hold
Reduce fatigue by allowing operators to weld without holding gun trigger. (Feature available when paired with XR-Control.)



Aluminum Welding
Aluminum Welding

General Specifications

Title XR™-Pistol-Pro 15 ft. Air
Amperage Rated Output 200 @ 100%
Cable Length 15 ft
Head Angle 180 degree
Torch Handle Type Pistol Grip
Torches Type Push Pull
Wire Size .030-1/16
Net Width 1.875 in
Net Height 3.375 in
Net Length 10.625 in
Net Weight 2.2 lbs
Portability Handle(s)
Warranty Miller's True Blue Warranty