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XR™-Aluma-Pro™ Lite Push-Pull Guns

Lightest weight gooseneck-style gun features rear trigger that allows access to hard-to-reach welds.


What's Included

  • Extra Contact Tips
Best Feeding Performance
Dual wire tension settings for 4000- or 5000 series aluminum to ensure the very best wire feeding performance and arc consistency.
Heavy-duty Construction
All internal components are designed to provide long lasting performance and feeding precision.
Replaceable Feed Cable Liner
Designed to provide consistent arc performance. It also reduces parts cost and service time by allowing a simple means of removing and replacing liner and not the complete feed cable.
Multiple Configurations
Threaded quick-change 360-degree rotatable head tubes are available in different bends and lengths for even those hard-to-reach welds. Over 30 different styles to fit your application and welder’s preference. Available in air- or water-cooled versions with 15, 25, or 35 ft. (4.6, 7.6, or 10.6 m) cable lengths. Bernard® Centerfire™ consumables provide superior gas coverage and arc performance.
Complete Your System
XR-Aluma-Pro Lite guns work in conjunction with XR-Control wire feeders[link] and Millermatic® 252 [link]and Millermatic 350P [link] power sources to provide the best solution for push-pull applications.



Pulsed MIG (GMAW-P)

General Specifications

Title XR™-Aluma-Pro™ Lite Push-Pull Guns
Industries Interests Farm and Ranch
Metal Art / Sculptures
DIY / Home Hobbyist
Boat / Yacht
Amperage Rated Output 175 A at 60% Duty Cycle
Cable Length 25 ft
Head Angle 45
Torch Handle Type Plastic handle with rear mount trigger and wirefeed speed control
Torches Type Air Cooled Push Pull
Wire Size .030–.047 in.* (0.8–1.2 mm) aluminum wire
Net Width 1.9 in
Net Height 4 in
Net Length 15 in
Net Weight 2 lbs
Warranty 1 Years
Miller's True Blue Warranty