See the Latest Welding Technologies at Miller Booth at FABTECH 2017

See the Latest Welding Technologies at Miller Booth at FABTECH 2017

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Visit booth 19037 to see the latest innovations from Miller that help improve welding productivity, quality and operator safety.
Hero shot of Miller engine drives and power sources featuring ArcReach technology, along with Suitcase feeders and a TIG/stick remote

APPLETON, Wis. (Aug. 22, 2017)Miller Electric Mfg. Co. will showcase its latest welding and safety equipment for the manufacturing, fabrication and construction industries at FABTECH 2017 in Chicago, Nov. 6-9, in booth 19037.  Booth visitors can experience the new equipment firsthand through live welding demonstrations. Representatives will also be available to answer product and welding technology questions.

To highlight the benefits of comprehensive welding solutions, Miller will feature Hobart® filler metals, along with Bernard® Semi-Automatic MIG Guns and Tregaskiss® Robotic MIG Guns during its welding demonstrations. Miller solutions include the latest in welding information management solutions, safety equipment, welding automation and the following new products:

  • 'Don’t Walk — Weld' with enhanced ArcReach® capabilities: The average welding operator wastes an estimated 250 hours a year on a construction jobsite walking to and from a welder to make adjustments, resulting in an average loss of $11,250 a year per operator. With ArcReach technology, operators can make parameter changes at the weld joint using the wire feeder or remote — without a control cord — resulting in less walking and more welding, as well as improved productivity, safety and quality. The ArcReach family of products includes power sources, engine drives, feeders and remotes, providing maximum fleet compatibility and greater flexibility.

  • XMT® 350 FieldPro™ power source: The XMT 350 FieldPro joins the larger ArcReach portfolio. The new power source is compatible with all ArcReach accessories, including ArcReach Smart Feeders, ArcReach SuitCase® 8/12 feeders and stick/TIG remotes, to deliver remote control capabilities for stick, MIG, TIG, flux-cored, pulsed MIG and Regulated Metal Deposition (RMD®) welding processes — for maximum jobsite flexibility. The new XMT 350 FieldPro is ideal for infrastructure, construction and ship applications.
    • New Cable Length Compensation (CLC™) and Adjust While Welding (AWW™) technologies are available by pairing enhanced ArcReach accessories with the new XMT 350 FieldPro power source offerings. The two new industry-exclusive capabilities provide even more time savings to help lower labor costs, improve productivity and safety on construction jobsites, and provide operators with more control over welding parameters. CLC technology ensures the voltage that welding operators set at the power source is the voltage they get at the weld — even up to hundreds of feet away. AWW technology allows for precise adjustments and parameter changes at the wire feeder or remote without stopping the arc.

  • ArcReach technology available on more engine-driven welder/generators: ArcReach technology is now available in more engine-driven welder/generators from Miller, including the Big Blue® 600 Air Pak™ and the Trailblazer® 325. This expansion provides greater flexibility and fleet compatibility in heavy industrial applications, including construction, pipe welding, maintenance and repair rigs, mining maintenance, and railroad maintenance. ArcReach accessories are now also compatible with Miller ArcReach-capable engine-driven machines — so companies can expand use of the technology with their existing accessories. Miller is the only welding equipment manufacturer to offer this type of remote control technology in an engine-driven power source.

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