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New Dynasty® 400 and Maxstar® 400 Deliver High-Quality, Dependable TIG Welding Solutions

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Exceptional TIG and stick welding performance in easy-to-use, versatile packages that provide faster setup and upgrade flexibility
Dynasty 400 AC/DC TIG-stick capable welder 907717
Maxstar 400 DC TIG-stick capable welder 907716

APPLETON, Wis. (Jan. 16, 2017) — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has announced the addition of two new models to its dependable lineup of TIG welding solutions. The new Dynasty 400 and Maxstar 400 welders deliver up to 400 amps of output power and exceptional TIG and stick welding performance for applications such as pipe and tube fabrication, precision fabrication and exotic material fabrication.

Replacing the Dynasty 350 model, the Dynasty 400 power source is AC/DC TIG-stick-capable and welds up to 5/8-inch-thick aluminum and steel in a single pass. The DC TIG-stick-capable Maxstar 400 replacing the Maxstar 350 model welds up to 5/8-inch-thick steel in a single pass.

“The powerful, efficient Dynasty 400 and Maxstar 400 deliver superior arc performance and the high quality and reliability that Miller is known for — so welding operators can complete a wide variety of jobs,” said Andrew Pfaller, TIG product manager for Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Each stand-alone power source also includes t
he Cooler-On-Demand™ feature, which operates the auxiliary cooling system only when needed, resulting in reduced noise, energy use and airborne contaminants pulled through the cooler. In addition, the added Pro-Set™ feature eliminates guesswork when setting weld parameters, so the machine is faster to set up and easier to use.

Designed for fast and easy upgrade flexibility, the new models include a front-panel memory card data port, for the download of software updates from and the purchase of product feature expansions. The memory card data port provides access to the most up-to-date software so owners can maximize budgets and gain the best machine performance over a longer period of time.

Auto-Line™ power management technology provides added convenience by allowing the machines to connect to almost any type of available input power and produce a steady, high-quality arc. Welding operators can work in more places while maintaining a steady welding output for consistently high-quality welds.
The Dynasty 400 also features improved arc stability and performance, resulting in smoother welds. 

As with previous
Dynasty and Maxstar power sources, the new models are also fully compatible with Miller wireless remote control solutions — so welding operators can work more safely and faster up to 300 feet away (with hand control) from the power source. The elimination of cord tangles or failures also helps increase time and money savings, and precise operator control at the weld joint further improves overall weld quality.

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