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Miller Reveals Syncrowave® 300 TIG Welding Power Source

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New offering delivers ease of use and productivity benefits
Syncrowave 300 TIG welder

APPLETON, Wis. (Jan. 9, 2020)  — Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding equipment, introduces the new Syncrowave 300 TIG welder. This power source helps welders increase productivity by utilizing preset parameters and delivering a more stable arc — making it easy to make good welds.

Equipped with AC/DC TIG, DC pulsed TIG and DC stick capabilities, this machine is ideal for general fabrication TIG applications. The Syncrowave 300 is capable of welding materials up to 3/8-inch thick with an output rating of 300 amps and 22 volts at a 30% duty cycle.

The new Syncrowave TIG welder features a simple setup and intuitive interface designed with the user in mind. Exclusive Pro-Set™ technology eliminates the guesswork when setting TIG welding parameters. Welders can simply select the Pro-Set option on the machine’s faceplate to get the speed, convenience and confidence of preset controls.

“The Syncrowave 300 is ideal for fabricators who need more TIG welding productivity and lower operating costs,” says Mike Van Helvoirt, product manager at Miller. “With the easy-to-use features and stable arc, operations can decrease training time and make it more efficient for any welder to get more work done.”

Weighing 178 pounds, the Syncrowave is smaller and lighter than older machines, which frees up space and makes it easier to move — improving workplace conditions. Drawing less primary power than older machines, this power source is up to 33% more energy efficient, helping to lower installation and operating costs.

“Outdated equipment slows down production,” says Van Helvoirt. “It’s time for operators to get current with the most efficient, new equipment on the market.”


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