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Miller Introduces Robotic Welding Cell Rental Program

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APPLETON, Wis. (June 4, 2013) — To help end users test the benefits of welding automation in their own operations at approximately 5 percent of the system list price, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has introduced a new robotic welding cell rental program. Miller designed the program to reduce the risk for companies who are interested in robotic welding, but are uncertain whether the technology is right for them. The program is also ideal for companies who receive contract work for short runs of parts that don’t warrant the capital expenditure for a robotic welding cell or those who have a sudden need for automation and are unable to justify the expense quickly enough.

Rental contracts are for a three-month minimum. For companies who prefer the option, Miller also rents robotic welding cells onsite and will oversee short runs of parts in its own facility.

The Miller PerformArc™ robotic welding cell at the center of this program is fully compliant with the Robotics Industry Association (RIA), and is also fully assembled and able to be moved with a forklift. The cells can be optimized for robotic TIG or MIG welding and welding on aluminum or thin-gauge materials.

As part of the program, Miller offers a full assessment prior to rental to determine that the parts to be welded are repeatable and able to benefit from automation. They also preprogram the PerformArc robotic welding cell and set up any necessary tooling. End users with 3D models of parts are especially benefited by this assessment and programming support.                                                                    

Prior to delivery of the robotic welding cell, Miller requires a five-day training course on programming and safety to ensure that renters understand all details of the basic robotic cell operation. After the successful completion of this training, Miller offers delivery of the PerformArc robotic welding cell within two weeks and deploys a team of experts to install it onsite.

For renters who also implement ITW Welding components such as Miller® power sources, Hobart® filler metals or Tregaskiss™ robotic MIG guns can build residual value toward the purchase of the rental cell should they decide to keep it — 50 percent of the rental payments apply to the purchase price. For those renters who use other components, 25 percent of the rental payments will apply.

A flier with additional information on the robotic welding cell rental program is available for download. End users can also contact their local Miller representative for more information.                                           

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