New Product Introductions, Industry Segment Showcases and Live Welding Demos Anchor Miller at FABTECH 2012 | MillerWelds

New Product Introductions, Industry Segment Showcases and Live Welding Demos Anchor Miller at FABTECH 2012

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APPLETON, Wis., — September 24, 2012 — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. will showcase the latest in welding technology, products and safety accessories at FABTECH 2012, held this year in Las Vegas, November 12-14. Miller (Booth N5213) and Miller Welding Automation (Booth N5513) will focus on industry-specific solutions and technologies, with dedicated presentations related to oil and gas construction and fabrication, construction, shipbuilding and heavy equipment manufacturing.      

Specific application focuses will include aluminum and pipe welding. Attendees will be able to experience industry-leading technology such as the PipeWorx pipe welding system and the AlumaFeed™ synergic aluminum welding system. Solutions from ITW Welding companies Hobart Brothers, MAXAL, Bernard, Weldcraft and Tregaskiss will be demonstrated with premium Miller equipment to showcase comprehensive welding systems for a variety of applications. 

New products spanning a variety of processes and applications will be unveiled for the first time this year at FABTECH. New products introduced in 2012 and on display for the first time ever at the show include:  

  • The new Multimatic™ 200, a three-in-one portable welding power source capable of performing MIG, Stick and TIG welding processes in one compact design. The new Auto-Set Elite feature allows operators to quickly and easily set weld parameters based on material type and thickness, as well as fine-tune those parameters to match each specific application. The Multimatic 200 system weighs only 29 pounds and connects to common 120- and 230-volt power receptacles with the Miller-exclusive MVP multi-voltage plug.
  • The Bobcat line of engine-driven welder/generators have been redesigned to reduce sound, reduce weight, offer a smaller footprint, reduce fuel use and simplify daily maintenance. Sound on the newly designed Bobcat models is reduced by as much as 33 percent, and the machine is up to 5 inches shorter and 55 pounds lighter (depending on the model). The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) option with the Bobcat 250 also reduces fuel use by as much as 27 percent compared to carbureted models.
  • The Big Blue® 350 PipePro® engine-driven welder/AC generator with a new Caterpillar Turbocharged C1.5T diesel engine. The new engine is a liquid-cooled, 3-cylinder, EPA Tier 4 Interim model that offers greater altitude compensation than other machines — critical for transmission pipeline welders who regularly work in high-altitude environments. At 24.7 horsepower and 1,800 rpm, the new engine is extremely quiet and fuel efficient, saving operators as much as 50 percent in fuel use (compared to older models at 3,600 rpm). 
  • The newly redesigned Arc Armor® Titanium Series™ welding helmets for heavy-use/high-amperage applications in fabrication, manufacturing and construction. New features include Miller-exclusive InfoTrack™ technology that allows the operator to track arc-on time and provides a digital clock with the ability to set alarms and timers. New headgear improves comfort and adjustability and has been tested to withstand extreme use. The new external grind button featured on the Titanium 7300™ and Titanium 9400™ allows welders to switch to grind mode without ever lifting their helmets, improves productivity and minimizes exposure to environmental hazards. All-new digital controls with larger displays and intuitive design allow the welder to adjust modes, shade levels, delay and sensitivity, and a new three-year warranty matches the longest of any welding helmet in the industry today. 
  • The new LPR-100 Half Mask Respirator features an exclusive patented low profile design to fit under most welding helmets. The new LPR-100 Half Mask is a NIOSH certified design that filters out 99.97 percent of airborne particles and oil aerosols, features an Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 10, and provides industry best comfort for the user. A four-point head strap adjustment allows the mask to be customized to most head shapes and sizes, and a large non-return exhaust valve further reduces heat build-up and user fatigue.