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Miller Reinvents Industry Leading Bobcat™ Engine-Driven Welder/Generators with Less Noise, Smaller Footprint and Greater Fuel Efficiency

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• Sound reduced by as much as 33 percent for a safer, more productive jobsite

• Smaller footprint: 5 inches shorter and up to 55 pounds lighter for more truck space

• Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) reduces fuel consumption by as much as 27 percent (Bobcat 250)

• Simplified daily maintenance through user-friendly design, easy access

APPLETON, Wis. — February 28, 2012 — Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has re-engineered its class-leading Bobcat line of engine-driven welder/generators to reduce sound, reduce weight, offer a smaller footprint, reduce fuel use and simplify daily maintenance. Sound on the newly designed Bobcat models is reduced by as much as 33 percent, and the machine is up to 5 inches shorter and 55 pounds lighter (depending on the model). The Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) option with the Bobcat 250 also reduces fuel use by as much as 27 percent compared to carbureted models.

Reducing sound improves jobsite communication and safety, and also addresses the demands of working in urban and public areas where sound ordinances and restricted working hours due to excessive noise may be in place — such as hospitals, businesses and residential areas. You may now be able to start working on these sites earlier and/or work later with the reduced sound levels of the Bobcat Series.

The EFI option (Bobcat 250 only) optimizes the air/fuel ratio for less emissions, longer runtimes and superior performance compared to carbureted models. It provides more reliable starting performance in cold climates, requires no choke, and is less prone to fuel deterioration due to infrequent use. Payback can be achieved in a matter of months with up to 27 percent fuel savings.

Each Bobcat engine-driven welder/generator has also been fully optimized for truck integration. The shorter and lighter design allows more room for other tools and equipment, and reduces the wear and strain of a heavier machine on the truck’s chassis. Daily maintenance has also been made easier with front panel displays to help users keep track of service intervals, as well as the intuitive placement of service points. Oil and air filter checks are performed from the top by the front panel, and the fuel fill and oil drain/filter are easily accessible on the side. Tool-less panels allow for quick access. The three new models are:

Bobcat 250: One of the industry’s most popular and reliable engine-driven welder/generators, the Bobcat 250 offers 40 to 250 amps (275 amps with w/EFI option) for both DC Stick/TIG and AC TIG/Stick applications, and 17 to 28 volts of output power when matched with a wire feeder for MIG or Flux-Cored welding. Rated at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the machine offers 11,000 watts peak and 9,500 watts continuous power, or 12,000 watts peak and 10,500 watts continuous power with the EFI option.

Bobcat 225: Also rated at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the Bobcat 225 offers 50 to 225 amps of DC Stick/TIG output, 70 to 150 amps of AC TIG/Stick output, and 19 to 28 volts of MIG and Flux-Cored output. Similar to the Bobcat 250, it offers 11,000 watts peak and 9,500 watts continuous power.

Bobcat 3 Phase: Designed specifically for farm and ranch owners who need three-phase power to run 480-volt three-phase pivot irrigation systems or to provide backup power. The machine offers 11,000 watts peak power and 10,000 watts continuous three-phase power, single-phase 120/240 VAC 10,500 watts peak power or 9,500 watts continuous, 50 to 225 amps of Stick/TIG welding output, and 19 to 28 volts for MIG and Flux-Cored welding. The new redesign on this model offers up to a 25 percent reduction in noise, is 5 inches shorter and is 45 pounds lighter.


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Additional Product Information

Engine-driven welder/generators are most often found in construction, MRO, and fabrication applications, as well as on farms and ranches for welding and as an emergency power source. Strong AC and DC weld outputs allow these machines to work on all types of metals, and a large 12-gallon fuel tank sustains long run times with less refueling. Smooth and powerful generator outputs allow users to start and operate heavy loads with no variation in power quality.

Each Bobcat engine-driven welder/generator is tested in the most extreme temperatures and environments to ensure consistent and reliable performance. The machines feature durable construction features such as strong armor on all panels as well as on the welding output studs and receptacles on the front of the machine. One of the key differentiators of Bobcat engine-driven welder/generators is Accu-Rated™ generator power. Accu-Rated peak power is optimized for maximum generator loads, such as plasma cutters, wire feeders, and motor starting. It is delivered for a minimum of 30 seconds, outperforming the short-duration or surge power found in other machines. Power output is also extremely smooth for optimal accessory performance.