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Miller Adds More Power to the Deltaweld® MIG Welding Line-Up

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New Deltaweld 500 welding power source delivers more amperage and carbon arc gouging mode
Deltaweld 500 MIG welding power source

APPLETON, Wis. (Jan. 7, 2020) — Miller Electric Mfg. LLC, a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller® brand arc welding equipment, has announced the release of the new Deltaweld 500 MIG welding power source. Designed for a wide range of general and heavy manufacturing applications, the machine delivers 500 amps at 100% duty cycle and adds carbon arc gouging capabilities to the Deltaweld family of products.

“The Deltaweld 500 allows operators to weld bigger wires and thicker materials with more duty cycle,” says Brian Hammers, product manager, Miller Industrial Equipment Division. “This is a reliable, versatile solution for when manufacturers have higher output welding and gouging needs.”

The Deltaweld 500 welding power source is rated for use with up to 1/16-inch wire and can be used to weld a wide range of material thicknesses — from 22-gauge sheet metal to materials several inches thick. Just as with the Deltaweld 350 model, the Deltaweld 500 offers the simplest interface on the market for pulsed MIG welding.

The addition of carbon arc gouging capabilities makes the Deltaweld 500 power source a versatile option for many manufacturers. Operators can turn on gouging mode with the push of a button and gouge up to 3/8-inch carbons using a dedicated constant current mode designed to optimize gouging performance. This removes issues that can occur when operators use a stick welder in constant voltage mode, which is not an ideal solution for gouging.

The Deltaweld 500 welding power source can be used with single and dual models of Intellx™ and Intellx Pro series wire feeders. Intellx Pro feeders provide pulsed welding capabilities, delivering a more forgiving arc and wider operating window for welders of all skill levels. EZ-Set technology automatically sets parameters based on material thickness.

In addition, several new accessory options are compatible with both the Deltaweld 500 and Deltaweld 350:

  • The Remote Operator Interface and Remote Wire Drive can be used in weld cells where welding is being done in one area of the cell and the operator needs the controls in a different area. This option is ideal for fixed automation weld cells where space is limited.
  • Swingarc™ boom-mounted wire feeders provide flexibility and efficiency in applications where a large part is being welded or when operator mobility is required.

The Deltaweld 500 system is available as an integrated package. The power source, feeder, cart and all necessary components ship as one complete package, so users can simply open the box, hook the machine up to primary power and begin welding in a few steps.


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