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  • handy welder
    handy welder
    by Dennis Hamilton
    rack for my welder to sit on that is portable
  • XP Racer
    XP Racer
    by Todd Green
    XP racer 68 Datsun roadster with a Vq35Hr installed, custom suspension, steering rack , Everything is hand made except for the doors, trunk lid & clutch master...
  • Bonfire pit.
    Bonfire pit.
    by Sean MacDonald
    Finished this backyard beauty in the winter. Fun at home staycations.
  • Iron Privacy Fence!!!
    Iron Privacy Fence!!!
    by Andy Rosenfelt
    I built and iron privacy fence in my back yard. My wife and I did not like the look of the fence panels available at the local hardware store. I started with ...
  • Skidsteer Pallet Forks
    Skidsteer Pallet Forks
    by Brian Pahl
    The project was building a set of pallet forks for my skidsteer. I had found a set of old forks from a fork lift, so I decided to use them to build an adjustabl...
  • kitchen chandelier
    kitchen chandelier
    by Joshua Patenaude
    i made a kitchen chandelier. to hang utensils.
  • skate ramp
    skate ramp
    by Doug Woods
    building a 4 ft wide x 8 ft long x 3.5 feet high skate ramp for my 15 year old son

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