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Featured Project

  • SWAT bed
    SWAT bed
    by Andy Piester
    A SWAT van bed for my son.
  • project 91
    project 91
    by Kyle Mccune
    Bagged 91 extended cab chevy has bag on bar setup with wishbone all done with miller matic 140 also building raised sheetmetal bedfloor
  • table
    by Rachel Faulkner
    End table
  • Fire pit Grate
    Fire pit Grate
    by Robert Bray
    Raised Grate for new fire pit
  • Home style Smoker
    Home style Smoker
    by Janice Kohout
    Homemade Smoker
  • Tillander
    by Tom Harold
    This piece is a form of kinetic art known as rolling ball sculpture. It's the best way to solve one of the world's biggest problems: How to get a marble from "h...
  • Never ending toyota rock crawler project
    Never ending toyota rock crawler project
    by Jake Snyder
    My 1989 toyota 4runner that was given to me by my father when I was had no engine or transmission and came with ifs front end I swapped the engine and tra...

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