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Featured Project

  • faux fireplace
    faux fireplace
    by Tim Meister
    faux fireplace
  • Little Dog
    Little Dog
    by David Chiotti
    Custom Built ProStreet Mini Bike Super charged B.S.Raptor Engine SS Coffin tank Fuel Nitro Methanol Mix 4 # of boost 180 Rear tire 16" .25 front Wheel Drum& Dis...
  • Shadow box desk
    Shadow box desk
    by Desiree Bates
    shadow box desk built to accommodate toolbox drawers. Miller TIG machine used on this project.
  • Trailer BBQ Smoker
    Trailer BBQ Smoker
    by Aaron Poe
    Trailer BBQ Smoker
  • goat/sheep Headgate
    goat/sheep Headgate
    by David Waner
    completed a goat,sheep headgate for my wife's dairy goats.
  • two-headed dragon
    two-headed dragon
    by Rick Luepke
    Outdoor metal sculpture from 1/4" plate. 11' tall x 15' long. Weighing in at over 850 lbs.
    by Hope Ryckman
    I built this outside 'cage condo' so my indoor cat can go outside and yet not roam. In this way, she can not only keep safe from vehicles & predators etc and st...

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