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Featured Project

  • Fallen solider
    Fallen solider
    by Frederick Voelker
    Veterans mound for veterans park in picture rocks park fallen solider turned out very nice !!!
  • one bad ass 57Chevy
    one bad ass 57Chevy
    by Kenneth Clauson
    1957 chevy Bel Air two door hard top.
  • mail box
    mail box
    by Clint Nelson
    304ss 10" pipe and saddle
  • Security door with lions
    Security door with lions
    by Charles Appleby, Sr
    Door with lions. Privacy/security door for backyard pool/patio.
  • Apple Press with Grinder
    Apple Press with Grinder
    by Robert Lovrenich
    Apple Press with Apple Grinder
  • Decorative BBQ grill
    Decorative BBQ grill
    by Juan Carlos Garcès
    BBQ grill
  • mini pro buggy
    mini pro buggy
    by Robert Little
    I am building a custom mini two seat pro buggy / go kart.

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