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Thread: Chop Saw table

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    Default Chop Saw table

    Well I got around to finishing my chop saw table now I just need to finish my 3/8 welding table. I have been lucky to be able to scrounge most of my materials from scrap yards per pound rather than normal costs.

    I got sick of using my chop saw on the ground. I also just picked up a LOT of clamps for cheap and plan to add a bunch more threadded holes to mount them to the table as well as my vise and ginder.

    3/8 Aluminum top braced with 2" channel and 1.5" square tubing for the rest of the table with some 1x2" and some 1" in there as well. I still have 2 more drawers to add but I need to get more roller slides.

    The cabinet on the bottom was also from the JY but was mangled and needed to be tweeked back to a shape and welded to the frame to work.

    Now after getting it back together completly and adding some tools too it. I seem to have made it a bit too heavy to be easily portable. I think I need to add flip down casters on the other end but I need to find a decent design to lock the down and flip up or pin up.

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    Looks a very neat set up.
    Used an old truck brake drum as the base for the stand that I built for mine.

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    That looks like a very sturdy cabinet / table for your saw. I would be proud to have built that and have it sitting in my shop.

    Keep up the good work

    Dynasty 300DX
    Esab PCM 1000

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    Thanks for the ideas!

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