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Thread: welding shop

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    Default welding shop

    hi everyone its Dwayne umm i have a question i plan on opening my own custom fabrication shop in a few years after i get the clientel i was wondering if any of u guys have any pointers for me. this is currently just side work for me doign odd jobsd here and there this is within 1 to 10 yrs down the road so any and all pointers would b appreciated. i will b posting pics of my previos projects on here soon but please any and all means of help would be greatly appreciated. thank you

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    Do you at any time plan to write any invoices?

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    Default Pre-Planning....

    Hey Dwayne,
    It is good you have the forethought to start planning early for your choice to have a fab shop. Pre-planning will allow you to consider all the equipment and tooling you may need. Maybe start a notebook and list the equipment you will need in the order of importance. Initially, consider the following: MIG & Stick welders, oxy/acet., plasma cutter, air compressor, hydraulic press, welding table, welding clamps/C-clamps & vises, metal brake, chop saw or bandsaw, drill press, hand drill, 4" & 7" handheld grinders, and combination belt/disc sander. Then there are all the small hand tools, drill bits, wrenches/sockets, punches, measuring tools, equipment accessories, power extensions, screwdrivers, and safety equipment/clothing. This is just a start of the basics. You will see the additional you need as you progress.
    I sense you want to try to pick up some "side" work in your spare time presently. A good idea. There is good money to be made in the repair sector of any community. People are always breaking something. Check with some of the landscape crews, those guys are hard on the bosses' equipment, the local fire department, maybe a couple auto-repair shops and a motorcycle shop if one is near.
    You can get an inexpensive business card program for your computer and print out some cards listing "WELDING/REPAIRS" and your name/phone, and just use these as what I call "INFORMATION CARDS". No business listing, just information until you are ready to set up your business in a professional way.
    Start now with a photo album. Take pics of all your projects, repairs, and a good practice is to always take "before" and "after" pics to show people the jobs you have done. It's good advertising and brings confidence to a potential customer you are qualified and do good work.
    Hope that gives you some ideas on how to do some pre-planning & thoughts to consider.....Denny

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    the best advise i can give is what works for me. i have several savings accounts, one holds 1/3rd of my profits so that i can put money back into the company, another holds 20% back for taxes, another holds money for my overhead (consumables, utility bills and such).
    be sure to carry enough insurance. that is one you have to have. everything you weld, you are liable for!!

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    Default Great Plan

    I am into year 4 of opening up my "shop", my goal is that when I retire - my metal hobby will be my supplimental income. A lathe and milling machine are on this years buy list.


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    Excellent advice tsalagi !! I 2nd that

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