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    Suit yourself. I am thinking the VS feeder will act strangley with that much voltage drop...compensated or not. They are extremely sensitive to drops and will not function at all below 15vdc...14vdc with the Extreme VS.

    You may want to do some research on the Dynasty/VS feeder combo on Miller's Ask Andy site. I seem to recall it not being a recommended setup.

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    1000' means more voltage drop. With 4/0 cable that should not be too bad. The major thing to watch out for is welding with all of that cable coiled up. Coiled up cable is a big inductor and will give you bad (sluggish like) welding performance, especially if it is coiled up on a reel.
    Have a great day!

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    Ya, I prety much decided against using the suitcase on this job. But I'd still like to use the suitcase on a dynasty to save some space. It would be a shaim if I got the suitcase for the dynasty and it wasn't that great, thanks for the heads up on that. How do you get to the "Ask Andy" section, I don't want to spend the money if it works like crap in that configuration.
    And yes it does perform a litle sluggish when using the full length of cable. But as far as the induction issue goes it isn't a problem, every 25' theres a camlock conector, so you just take what you need and connect it to the machine. My buddy originaly just had the full cable hooked to the drum and the drum to the macine, but the insulation stared heating up to much, so he wen't and spent a fortune on connectors. (not that he can't aford it.) I'm jelous of rich people

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