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    Default Yes, can you believe it, I need another favor

    Just tossing this out there, I need a car towed from Green Bay to Chicago ( just about ) . Its 142 miles there and back, straight shot up 294/i94. I would pay for gas money, I could even come with. Just testing ideas, I looked at u-haul but after thats said and done, I might be broke. Don't get me wrong though, I'm willing to pay, but I'd rather pay someone who knows how to tow something, and set it up and what not.

    Email me at , thanks.

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    How did you work the U-Haul quote? If you rent a truck, you'll pay by the mile and it can get expensive. Just renting a trailer can save you a lot of money if you have a truck that can pull it. The trick with a trailer rental on a short-haul like yours is to rent it by the local day rate and return it to where you picked it up. If you drop it off elsewhere the price goes up tremendously, as they then charge by the mile. There is unlimited mileage on the local rates.

    There website is down for maintainence right now, so I can't see what the hauling capacity of their rental trailers is, but when I was looking for an enclosed 16-foot trailer to haul a 1400 lb. toolbox that I was considering buying, it was only like $29/day. I'm not sure if their open trailers have the capacity to haul a car or not.

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    U Haul has trailers just for car hauling. They include the tie down straps and ratchets that go over the front tires. It cheaper for sure to return it to the place it was rented from.

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