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Thread: tip sticking

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    Youngwelder, nozzle dip keeps the spatter from sticking inside the nozzle - tip, nothing more.
    When you don't pay for your consumables they can come and go as YOU please.
    Changing parts can add up to being a bandaid for the problem, and add up dollars in your personal pocket book. It's just like cars. If your car wont start, you can change the alternator, starter, relay, battery, ignition switch, and not solve the underlying cause.

    There are many factors to be included when troubleshooting.

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    The line we had wasnt working properly, it wasnt a very good liner. We changed the gun and everything it after we just figured that it was the cord so after that was changed the welder worked really well. But you make a good point about new parts dont always solve the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsalagi View Post
    i agree with most everyone, wire speed. but, i have this problem when i'm tacking alot. the problem there is that a little ball of splatter will stick to the end of the tip and in turn create drag on my wire. the solution is keep an eye on nozzle distance.
    yea i agree ur probally too close to where ur welding i always tap the wire feed button twice then weld that way u can check to see if it is feeding properly and get about a good distance between tip and peice welding on. u may also be pushing down right when u start if u are u do tht in arc not mig welding but im sure u probably already know that.

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