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    Default My Trailer Project

    Here is going to be an indepth picture account of a trailer I built for hauling multiple things from 4 wheelers to small cars. It's 6' X 14' with a diamond plate steel deck.

    It took awhile to do this project as it was more fill work than anything and after awhile It turned more into "lets get this done and out of the shop" job

    This is going to be a long thread as we have cataloged everything.


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    First we took all the race car jigs off the chassis jig and made straight flat ones for the trailer.
    We checked each one with the laser to make sure it was straight after cutting and bolting to the jig table.
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    The main frame is 2X4x1/4" mitre cut and bevelled for welding.
    The frame was laid out and tacked, then checked across the corners for square then clamped and welded. We used the Millermatic 350P and Millermatic 251.
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    Fancey trailer frame Andy.. mitered and everything! .. I never did get that motor sport discount, your dealer couldent give it to me because i'm in canada.
    Jorgensen MFG.
    Custom trailers:from utility to semi trailers i make em all.

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    Me and the foreman then rechecked the straightness fo the rails and cut all the cross braces.
    The cross supports are all 2 X 2 X 3/16 and 2 X 4 X 3/16.
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    more pics of cross braces
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    We then put 2 X 2 X 3/16 angle iron supports between the crossmembers for additional support where the tires of my Skid steer would run so I wouldn't buckle the diamond plate.
    The tops of the crossmembers are tig welded with the Dynasty 300 to the side rails because I wanted a smaller bead profile so the diamond plate would sit tighter to the rails.
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    The tongue and coupler assembly was pulse mig welded with the Millermatic 350P.
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    The top rail and side tubes are 1 X 1 X 1/8. These are also miter cut and capped at the ends.
    The tongue extends inside the main frame to the main side rails for added torsional support.
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    After axles were placed and the fenders mocked in place we noticed that they really could be spaced out 1" more to fit the tires better. We made the fender mounting out of the same 1 X 1 and drilled mounting holes so the fenders can be easily replaced if needed.
    We also spot welded the fender seams on the inside and outside for additional strength as the original factory spotwelds were not that great.
    We used 2 X 2 X 1/8 angle for the fender end supports.
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