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Thread: .030 or .035

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    Default .030 or .035

    I first decided that I wanted to learn to weld about a year and a half ago. I'm into 4 wheeling and was spending a lot of money having others repair things I broke on the weekend, making bumpers, a cage, etc. I had always wanted to learn so it was a perfect excuse.

    I spoke to a friend of mine that owns a welding company in Montana and he said to start off with stick. He said if you can weld good with stick (and even better Oxy Ace as well) then other welding processes will be learned much more quickly. He said that learning Oxy Ace would allow me to better learn and understand the weld pool. Anyway, I went to the local community college and took classes in each (I completed the classes a few months back).

    That leads me to last week. I bought a new Millermatic 210 as my first MIG. I probably should have taken a class in MIG as well but I figured I became pretty darn proficient with the other two processes that perhaps I can wing it with a book. Besides, my wife put an end to future classes as "you're not spending enough time with the kids"...anyway, it is what it is.

    Anyway, I bought my welder last Friday and the following day I ripped a control arm mount from my front axle of my Jeep so now I'm welding frantically a few nights a week running stringers trying to get ready to cut off the remains of the old bracket in preparation for the new bracket. Technically it's not ideal as a first project to weld something that prevents my axle from flying off but hopefully with my experience with other welding processes, a couple of MIG books, and perhaps some input here I can make it work.

    So to my question: I originally had purchased .035 wire (a 33# spool). Before opening it I talked myself out of it, returned it, then got .030 as that's what a buddy was using with his 251. The guy at the welding shop said that my welder will probably "like" .035 better on the first spool of wire but may "prefer" .030 on the next spool. I really don't know what that means.

    What are your thoughts? With the current project at hand I'm trying to weld (all my projects I forsee in the near future are mild steel with c25 as the gas). My bracket I have to weld on is 3/16th and being welded to an axle tube (I haven't determined the wall thickness of this axle tube yet). Would you use .030 for this? Or .035?

    I'm currently questioning my penetration (no wife jokes please ) on my test stringers. My bead shape isn't exactly what I think it should be. I may post some pics... but what are your thoughts on the .030 vs. .035?


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    Default Wire size...

    Hey Mike,
    IMHO, you would have much better results using the .035. As far as gas, I have both C25 & C10. For deeper penetration, C10....for flatter puddle, C25. The best approach is to do some serious practice on similar metal till you get the "feel" of the wire feed/heat parameters that will give you optimum results. Books provide valuable information regarding application and technique, but practice makes you competent that you are getting solid and satisfactory welds. Just like anything else....more you practice...better you get. Good luck.....Denny

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    For giggles, kick the wire feed to max, then adjust the heat up to melt all that wire and run a few 12 inch beads on some thick steel. This will get you used to the heat and sparks and what not. Then follow the guide for wire speed and heat and adjust either accordingly. Happy burning.

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    I have to head to the welding shop I bought the MM from tomorrow as my torch is on the blink. When I got it on Friday and set it up the torch would just keep feeding wire (and gas) like I was holding the switch. A couple of smacks with an open hand and it was fine. On occasion it happens again and I have to smack it. Last night it kept feeding, curled up, and arched after I lifted my hood (didn't realize it started running) so I guess it's time to get it replaced/looked at. I suppose the switch is bad in it.

    Anyway, while I'm there I'll pick up some .035. Any other pros/cons?


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    The miler guns are bad for that , i replaced all my miller guns with tregaskiss toughguns because of that problem. If i were you i'd go with the 035 vs. the 030 because its more versitle. The welder you have is a great machine and can tackle pretty much anything you throw at it if you have a 035 wire in it(er70s-6 wire i prefer), i have the MM 35 and it is basicly the eqivilant of the 210 and i'm running a 035 in it and it works great
    Hey anyone know what the gas mixture Praxair's "Stargon C-320" is? i have that at work and it works great but not shure what mix it is.
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    Hey anyone know what the gas mixture Praxair's "Stargon C-320" is? i have that at work and it works great but not shure what mix it is.[/QUOTE]

    The stargon is basically the same as the BOC Argoshield. Argon, CO2, O2 mix. here is a link to the praxair sire on the stargon products.
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