I am running a feed from my dryer circuit to my garage for my welder. My fuse panel is in a finished rec room downstairs so no access and this is my only alternative. (New house 2003) The dryer circuit is a standard 2/30 amp (so 60 amp total) using 10 gauge wire. I have tapped into the dryer circuit ran the wire into the attic and then down a chase into a utility closet (about 75 feet total run) in the garage using 10 guage wire Romex wire colors are red, white, black and a bare ground. I need to use a NEMA 6-50R for the welder and wanted to know how to wire the connections for the receptacle. My research indicates that the white wire will not be used on the 6-50R receptacle, red, black and ground will.

Does this sound correct?

Thanks -