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Thread: Welding Snowman

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    Default Welding Snowman

    Cletus the snowman has been in the family for awhile now. Thought we'd teach him how to weld (can snowman get flash? helmet won't fit).
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    Bronco, that's aweseome I like his face Is he made of aluminum? Nice truck too, my next one will have the diagonal LED lights like that What's the big blue round thing on the left, looks like a big hose spool maybe?

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    Thanks Coal, Cletus is all SST 14GA. Yea that blue thing is my torch hoses works good 50' most of my stuff is close to the truck.

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    I like Cletus's pipe. Did you fabricate that or is it a real peice of briar ?
    To all who contribute to this board.
    My sincere thanks , Pete.

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    Thats cool...

    Nice Bed on the rig, Did you fab that?

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    The pipe is a pice of 3\8 sst r\b welded to a 1" pipecap. I fabed the bed 4 years and 100000 miles ago rino lined the entire thing and added 48 LED lights a few boxes the welder and I was good to go.
    Thanks for the props.

    Pyro did you get my PM? I sent it last week.

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    Ahh... I guess not, not really sure how the whole PM thing works

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    Me neither, I'll try again and see what happens.

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