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Thread: which torch

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    The Blueshield torches by Air Liquide are extrodanary torches , i have the strictly cutting 2'' head and demolition handle , it is ausome .. I would have to say tho for money wise the Victor or victor style torches are the best for the money, i've had my victor for about 5 years now and no problems, i use it everyday too so it shows that it is a good investment, the thing about my Blueshield torch is it's strictly a cutting torch so i have the victor for the other things.
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    Default my opinion

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    Put my vote in for Smith. 100% American, unsurpassed quality,best warranty in the business, and a tip mix design for safety. Add to that the Dual Guard torch design in the better torches and you have the safest torch on the market.

    And no, I don't, nor did I ever, work for Smith. Just sold 'em all for 20 years and found Smith to be the best...

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