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Thread: need help!

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    Is there anyone out there that knows how to figure thrust and pull on steel pipe or i-beams. I am thinking about setting up a jib crane with 20 ft 10 inch i-beam and a tie rod connected to the i-beam somewhere along about 3/4 way out on the i-beam. I am trying to figure out how big a pipe support I need for this jib. I am thinking 12 inch 3/8 wall or next size up on thickness, cemented in the ground thru an existing slab with a block poured around the pipe about 3 feet high by 30 inch square above the existig slab, maybe 3 feet under the existing slab up to about 12 feet clearance under the i-beam for ample working room and lift 3-4000#s max. The i-beam will beon a 2 inch shaft with bushings welded to the pipe support so it will swing in any direction. I found some sites on the internet that sale jib cranes and some of them list specs but i personally think it is an overkill on the sizes they show their cranes .
    /22x45 concrete slab with 2 overhead cranes(trolley style with electric hoist, huge shade tree to weld under
    33x33 enclosed shop when its to cold or windy outside
    miller 210
    miller 875 plasma
    victor oxy/accet
    unihydro 45ton ironworker
    miller 180 tig
    ole lincoln ac/dc buzzbox
    milwaukee power tools
    and everything in between
    2007 trailblazer 302
    Bailiegh 210 miter saw-2008
    Beer Fridge
    6000# cat forklift
    36" port-a-cool fan
    Dake G-75 Belt grinder
    3035 Spoolgun

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    pm me i have a steel manual and we might be able to figure it out together. it has all strenghs etc of various steels etc. ill try to bring it home manana.

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