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    Default My little Saturday job....

    I had a little job yesterday that turned into a pretty tough nut to crack. It was a handrail in a fire stairwell of an almost new office building. A couple of weeks ago, one of their tennants was trotting down the stairs and when he rounded the corner on the second floor landing, the corner piece of the rail came off in his hand. Further investigation revealed the original installers of the handrail had EPOXIED this piece in place and used copious amounts of BONDO to smooth out the ragged appearance. What was supposed to be a simple little welding job turned into quite a task because of time crunch (had to be done on a Saturday morning and once started had to be completed asap) and the non-availability of materials (all my suppliers are closed on weekends). It all had to be tigged because they didn't want any splatter and the gap created when I cut the top rail to correct one axis of misalignment was the biggest gap I've ever filled with a tig. The position and location also added to the problem because it had to be perfect since my grinder wouldn't reach into the smallest part of the gap. Here are some links to show the process and a pic of the final product:


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