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Thread: cant breath

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    Default nothing good about it

    Nothing good about welding galvinized metal or being anywhere around when it is being welded. Drinking milk will help to flush it out of your system but better is to use a approved mask/resperator so you dont get sick in the first place .. I had some people welding galvinized below me on a job at a papermill I didn't realize how bad it was until I woke up sicker than **** the next day I missed 2 days work thinking I had the flue until we discused it in a safty meeting a couple weeks later and I realized that that was what had gotten to me ..
    NO type of welding fumes are good for you in any way. Stick rod flux contains cadium which is bad for you, check the MSDS ... we do a lot of welding in areas where their isn't much air flow so the smoke and dust from 3-4 people cutting, welding and grinding is thick ( you know it is bad when you go through 2-3 filters in a shift ) everyone is fitted for and uses resperators they make some that have soft cloth covered filters that will fit under a welding hood and some that have hoses that go over your sholder and around behind your back ( like scuba gear) where the filter is so it is in cleaner air when welding and grinding .

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    I bought some 3M filters from gaspro that I use with my 3M 1/2 mask, I think it was 2907? Ask a clerk. They have the chart for 3M that says what you're welding and what type filter to use. Has the charcoal in it, so you don't get the smell also. Also have a small commercial fan. Little TOO strong, so I bring it close to me, back end on my side. there is enough suction to blow the smoke away from me (I aim the fan towards the direction where the wind is blowing (IF it's blowing!)
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