Hi, I have a MM250X without meters KK 1999 model with very little run time on it but I have a lot of problems with the burn in? It's real bad about poping back to the tip and burning off when I start out it may do it 10 times out of 20 starts. I try to start with the wire cut about about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch long(stick out) I was told by a couple people that adjusting the burn in might cure it and I was also told that the 251's have an easy way to adjust the burn in..do any of you know how I can adjust it on my 250x? I've had a lot of electrical experience as I used to wire new homes and I've built-repaired computers for the last 10 years so going inside adjusting wouldn't be a problem for me if I knew where to go. I'm running 035 ER 70S6 solid wire and 75/25 gas with a new Bernard Q-200 amp gun 15` Any and all help appreciated!
Thanks, Farris Young